6 Tips for Healthy Winter Skin

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January 14, 2019
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February 11, 2019

6 Tips for Healthy Winter Skin

We all know the pain of dry, cracked, and peeling skin. Just that feeling alone is enough to make even the most diehard winter-fan want to stay inside until March. And for those of use who are native to the Southeast, winter is the bane of our existence! But did you know there are ways to combat the winter-skin-blues? Keep reading and see what part of your skincare routine needs updating!

1: Humidify Your Space

We all do it. At the first sign of temperatures dropping below the 70s, we crank up those heaters and pull out the fleece-lined blankets. But here’s the thing: blasting those heating units all day and night actually helps pull moisture out of your skin! A small humidifier placed in the corner of your living- or bedroom will prevent so much moisture from leaving your skin and help keep the cracking and peeling at bay.

2: Choose Your Moisturizer Carefully

Stores like Bath & Body Works peddle pretty bottles with amazing scents all year round. Unfortunately, sometimes the pretty stuff doesn’t cut it when paired against winter winds. A more natural formula with oil-based moisturizers helps to seal in skin’s moisture. Thicker creams are preferable to thinner lotions that dry out faster than you can apply them. Worried about the oil causing pimples? Just look for the word 'non-comedogenic’ on the back of the bottle! It literally means ‘non-pimple-causing’!

3: Protect Your Skin

What do you mean I have to apply sunscreen? It’s winter! Even in the grey, dreary days of winter, the sun can still penetrate and burn your skin. Just because it’s cloudy doesn’t mean that UV rays aren’t trying to find a nice patch of unprotected skin. Fortunately, since most of us bundle up to the nose for winter, one bottle of a good SPF 30 should last the whole season. Make sure to apply it to exposed areas like hands, the face, or the ears.

6: Switch It Up!

Still using the same cleaner that you were in the summer? Time to switch! Just like how we go from thinner moisturizers to heavier, super-hydrating ones in the winter, the same rule should apply for your facial cleanser. Using a stripping, acidic cleanser in the winter will not only dry your skin out, but it could possibly make you skin think it needs to ramp up production of oils. Hello pimples galore! Look for a hydrating cleanser instead. Don’t care for heavy, cream cleansers? No problem! A lot of companies, both drugstore and high-end, make a gel or foam-based cleanser that promises lots of hydration!

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