Dental Myths: Busted!
April 22, 2019

Bare Basics

I remember thinking as a child ‘dentures are for old people!’ While some people are prone to tooth-loss as they age, that is not necessarily the case for everyone! Dentures are simply a replacement tool to help you regain the original use of all your teeth and to help bring back that beautiful smile. But sometimes, things happen that we can’t prevent. Cavities, accidents, getting smashed in the face by a rouge basketball, and the next thing you know your teeth are a shadow of your former smile! Don’t worry! Let the experienced dental staff at Lee Branch Dental Studio help you regain your beautiful smile with a set of perfectly tailored dentures!

Why Dentures?

Complete dentures are used in cases where the patient’s original teeth are either gone completely, or the remaining teeth are not viable to save. When you lose a permanent tooth, it can affect the rest of your teeth, your gumline, and even your jaw! Without teeth, your muscle and soft tissue will begin to become unhealthy and even begin to atrophy. Plus no one wants to drink their hamburger through a straw. Gross right? Worried about the look of ‘fake teeth’? Dentures are a natural-looking way of regaining your smile and, most of the time, are completely unnoticeable! They do need to be adhered to the gumline using a special dental ‘glue’ but the rest of the denture is a pink, or gumline, colored bit of plastic that blends right in with the rest of your mouth! Concerned about ‘glue’? Your dentist will help you figure out what is best for your needs!

What to Expect

The process of mapping and fitting for your dentures is carried out by your dentist and typically only requires one or two visits. They may have to order the dentures from an outside company if the office doesn’t have the resources in-house to create one. I know the whole process of dealing with dentures sounds complicated, but the experienced dental staff at Lee Branch will make it as easy as possible. Some dentures can take a minute to get used to! It might feel like you’re talking around a mouthful of cotton at first, but just give it time! The denture is there to help and to restore your gorgeous smile!

More Questions?

The process of getting dentures can be a little complicated and so can the adjusting period. But no worries! There are simple answers to questions like ‘what can I eat with my dentures?’, ‘is it okay to sleep in my dentures?’, and even ‘my dentures make this area sore, is that normal?’. Most dentists would agree that the whole purpose of dentures is to help you regain your original smile and the function of your teeth! Just make sure to ask your expert dentist at Lee Branch Dental Studio about things you should avoid and about daily practices, like cleaning procedures! A little soreness is normal, but your dentist will adjust the dentures as needed to make them as comfortable as possible. Everyone has a unique dental situation, so yours will be tailored to fit your needs!

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