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January 7, 2019
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Whiten and Brighten!

Why Use Whitening?

We all know the feeling. That ‘I need my coffee to function’ feeling, or the ‘a glass of red wine sounds fabulous right now’ feeling, or ‘my afternoon cigarette is calling my name’ feeling, or….. well, you get the point. One of the major downsides of this feeling is the effect it has on your teeth! Our daily habits have more effects on our teeth than we realize. Many things you consume throughout the day can yellow and darken your smile! Using whitening products/procedures can help combat the coloring of your teeth and brighten your beautiful smile again. If simple whitening toothpastes aren’t cutting it anymore, try a professional whitening procedure from one of our licensed dental experts!

At-Home Ease…

From orthodontic aligners to multi-step gum-and-tooth health kits, at-home dental procedures are trending heavily right now. Brightening toothpastes and strips are an easy and cost-effective way to help achieve a whiter smile. Most of these products cost between $6-$50 and are a great way to boost a self-confident smile while on a budget or a time crunch. But the effects of these products are not long lasting and do require continual repurchase to maintain a white and bright smile. These products are most effective when used to remove small or surface stains.

Or Professional Care?

Professional procedures are carried out in-house at Lee Branch Dental. All procedures are done by licensed dentists who are trained in the application and execution of the whitening process. We use a process called ‘chairside bleaching’ which involves the application of a hydrogen peroxide mixture to the teeth, and is then exposed to a curing light to activate the whitening agents. The total process takes no more than an hour, but multiple visits may be need if the desired whitened teeth shade is drastically different from the natural shade. Professional processes are longer-lasting and more deeply-penetrating than at-home treatments. For most patients, one visit is enough to create a bright smile that lasts for years!*

Still Have Questions?

Why Do Professionals Use Bleach?

The bleach mixtures used for professional whitening are hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide based. These whitening agents help to penetrate the enamel of the teeth and break up stains. During the procedure your mouth, gums, lips, and tongue will be covered to help the solution stay where is should: on your teeth!

What Are The Costs Of Professional Care?

Professional procedures can cost a pretty penny when compared upfront to at-home kits. Many processes can start at $500 and go upwards from there. But just one trip can last for years! Meanwhile whitening strips can cost $50+ per box and when they need to be bought multiple times per year, the cost can begin to add up!

How Do I Know What Is Best For Me?

Simple! Just ask one of our experienced dental professionals during your next appointment! If you want to try to whiten and brighten on your own, a whitening toothpaste is always a good start. Just make sure what you purchase is approved by the American Dental Association!

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