March 11, 2019
The Oral Cancer Screening Process
April 8, 2019

Make Your Fillings Match Your Teeth!

While traditional fillings like gold and ‘silver’ have been used for decades, not all of us want to have a mouth full of metal! Until recently, gold or dental amalgam (silver) were the only options to fixing a cavity or chipped tooth. Now you can get a filling that matches the natural color of your smile! Composite fillings, resin fillings, tooth-colored fillings: no matter what your call them, these fillings are durable and match the natural color of your teeth. Our experienced dentists at Lee Branch Dental Studio use a combination of resins and silica fillers to bring your smile back to its original look. These resin-based fillers are safe, long-lasting, and reliable. Come see us today!

Gold/Amalgam vs. Resin

Did you know that 91% of Americans between the ages of 20 and 64 have some type of dental filling? Traditional fillers like gold and dental amalgam are still widely used around the globe. The processes of placing a metal filling or a resin one are very similar, but installing a metal filling can leave the tooth more likely to crack. On the other hand, placing a resin filling generally takes longer due to the tooth needing to be completely dry during the process. Don’t worry! No matter what your filling choice, you’ll be numb the whole time!

The Beauty of Resin

We all have our guilty pleasures. I know mine happens to be gummy candies, so I tend to be prone to cavities! Resin fillings are best suited for small to medium size cavities or chips on teeth, which just so happen to be the most common types! Using resin doesn’t require the intensive drilling and cutting process of metal fillings. The resin naturally will create a ultra-strong bond to your original tooth. They can be used on front or back teeth and are fracture-resistant! No matter if you crash a mountain bike and chip a front tooth or crack a molar on a popcorn kernel, let the dental experts at Lee Branch restore your beautiful smile, color included!

On the Fence?

The price of beauty isn’t cheap! Composite resin fillings tend to run on the more expensive side. They aren’t covered by some insurance plans and can be more expensive than traditional metal fillings. But metal can’t hold a candle to the seamless, natural look of resin! Remember: no filling is the best filling! Reduce your risk of needing fillings by brushing your teeth twice daily, flossing, avoiding food and drinks that are high in acid, and seeing our dental experts at Lee Branch Dental Studio for any cleanings and cosmetic issues!

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